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    Our Campaign is honored and humbled to have the endorsements of the organizations and people below. 

Why endorsements?

   Endorsements play an important role in the political process. It can be difficult to know where a candidate is on a number of different issues. It can also be difficult for a voter to find out all the information they need to make a decision on Election Day. Endorsements help give the voters, donors, volunteers, and anyone else who may want more information about a candidate, a better more complete picture of the types of values a particular candidate may have. 

There are a couple different kinds of endorsements. There are endorsements by organizations who represent various interests. And, there are endorsements by other people within the community or political sphere. Candidates who want the voters to know and have faith in their commitment to certain issues will seek out endorsements by organizations that make it their work to champion particular issues. Typically, these are organizations that represent large groups of people or issues important to large numbers of voters. Having their support can inform voters and assure them that the candidate is good on issues important to these organizations and therefore, issues important to the voters who support those organizations or issues. 

And then there are endorsements by other individuals. These individuals are usually community leaders or Political Leaders. They can lend support that can inform voters who look for validation for job performance in political office. These can be especially useful in a Primary Election. Many voters who rely on Party affiliation don't have much to go on in a primary. Community and Political leaders who lend their endorsements can help the voters decide who has the confidence of the community and the Party. 



Democratic Leaders

As a dedicated Democrat, I'm proud of the over 30 years working within the Democratic Party of Marion County and across our state, and nation. The Democrats below represent some of the finest public servants around and I'm proud to have their endorsements. 

Cordelia Lewis-Burks is known for serving her community, educating and empowering others through the political process.

Lewis-Burks former Vice Chairwoman of the Indiana Democratic Party, a member of the National Democratic Committee and its Executive Committee, a former member and Secretary of the Association of Democratic State Chairs. Elected officials on all levels of the Country recognize her influence. She has traveled nationally working in political campaigns; and was the first “Super Delegate for Barack Obama in the state of Indiana, she is proud of her role as a Barack Obama Indiana Presidential Elector. The Chair if Indiana’ Eleventh Congressional District her life is defined by her advocacy in the political process.

Mrs. C, as affectionately known, is like a political momma to me, and a labor sister AFSCME member. 


Joel Miller. Former Chair of the Marion County Democratic Party. 

Kate Sweeney Bell, Former Chair of the Marion County Democratic Party, and current Marion County Clerk. 

Steven Quick, Vice President AFSCME International.

Steven Quick, Sr., has been a member of the AFSCME family since 1990. An employee of the Indianapolis Department of Transportation, he began his union leadership as a shop steward of Local 1831. Two years later, he was elected vice president of his local, and two years after that he was elected president of Local 725. In 1994, he was elected president of Local 725, which became 98 percent organized despite no union security or fair share. In 2000, he was elected vice president of Council 62. Quick supported Council 62’s efforts in Kentucky and Indiana to organize workers. He was elected International vice president (Central District) in 2014.

Democrats at the County Level

The City-County Council, as both the fiscal body for the county and as advocates for our constituents in the City-County enterprise, we regularly have to collaborate with other county office holders. I’m proud to have worked with these folks and their endorsement of our campaign means so much to me. 

Barbara Lawrence, Democrat, Marion County Treasurer

Joe O’Connor, Democrat, Marion County Assessor

Ryan Mears, Democrat, Marion County Prosecutor

Indianapolis City County Council. 

Working on behalf of my neighbors is the honor of a lifetime. I’ve had the pleasure of serving with some pretty amazing people on the City-County Council and, to me, having the support of the people you work closely with can say a lot about a person’s work ethic and commitment.

I’m proud to serve with these amazing individuals on the City-County Council and I’m honored to have their endorsement. I’ve asked them to share their thoughts of how it has been working with me and add one word to describe how they see my commitment to serving on The Council. I'm grateful for their support, leadership, and friendship over the last few years.  

Vop Osili, President of the Indianapolis City-County Council

Zach listens to an issues, thinks through and discusses solutions, and when there is consensus he is prepared to  move forward with action. He works diligently on behalf of his constituents, and those across the city. 

In a word: Implementer

Maggie A Lewis, Democratic Majority Leader. City-County Council. 

Keith Potts, City-County Councilor

Vice President Adamson means business. He has proven time and again to be a strong leader who consistently delivers for his constituents and for our city.

In a word: Effective.

Kristin Jones, City-County Councilor

I enjoy serving on the Council with Vice President Adamson because he is diligent and prepares whole-heartedly for each situation.  I have always felt supported by Vice President Adamson to pursue initiatives in my district, and he would be there to lend a helping hand.

In a word: Passionate

Keith Graves, City-County Councilor

Zach Adamson is a passionate leader for his community and as Vice President of our Council. His depth of knowledge and his skillful delivery of information has been an example for me.

In a word: Friendly

Jared Evans, City-County Councilor

I have served with Councilor Zach Adamson for almost 8 years, and his tenacity and desire to fight for our city and communities has never wavered during that time, constantly putting doing what’s right before politics. Our city needs leadership like Zach’s.

In a word: Tenacity

Crista Carlino, City-County Councilor

VP Adamson is dedicated, hardworking, and takes time to work on a variety of issues impacting Indianapolis from the Eastside to the Westside.

In a word: Advocate.

Chairwoman La Keisha Jackson


Councilor Zach Adamson and I have worked together over the years to pass legislation and appropriate funding that supports the needs of the people. Such as infrastructure, affordable housing, and public safety improvements.


In word: Advocate

Chairman William Duke Oliver

Vice President Adamson and I have served in adjacent districts for several years. His dedication to the issues facing working families in Indianapolis is matched only by his commitment to equity and social justice.

In a word: Servant-leader

Chairman John Barth

I appreciate is his dedication to digging into complicated issues and becoming an expert on the topic. For example, in his role as Chair of the Public Works Committee, Zach has become an expert on the working of our Department of Public Works.

In a word (or two): Dedicated Advocate