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Adamson For Indy

Councilor Adamson's Resident Portal. A one stop shop for Constituents. 

Information for you to stay up to date and informed on everything going on in City Government.

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Click here for instructions to submit comment/questions for meetings

City Code

Click above to search the Revised Code of the City/County

Council Calendar

Click the image above to see the City Council Calendar for the entire year. 

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Do you need to make a request or report a problem. You can do both at the Mayors Action Center by clicking the triangle above! 

Resident Info

 When is your trash day? When does heavy trash come by? Who are your elected officials? Where do you vote? What school district do you live in?  Who is your neighborhood advocate? All of these important questions can be answered at the Resident Government Profile page. Click the resident info picture above

Click above for the Revised edition of A Citizens Guide to Understanding Unigov. UNIGOV is the structure of government in Indianapolis. It's a combined City and County Government, or Unified Government (Unigov)

Watch a live meeting

        If you want to stay informed but you can't make it to a meeting, the next best thing is to watch it live. You can watch live Council Meetings and Committee Meetings on the City's Channel 16 by clicking the picture above.

Watch an archived meeting

If you want to watch a government meeting from the past, you can find them all here by clicking the picture above. 

Click for Permits

Do you need a permit? Are you building or renovating a house? Thinking of having a block party? Click the above picture to get to the Permits Home Page for the City of Indianapolis.

Full Council Meeting Agenda

Click Above for the agenda for the upcoming Full Council meeting including the proposals being heard and introduced at that meeting, and the agendas from previous meetings

Committee meeting agendas

Click the image above to see a list of upcoming 

Council Committee meetings. The Committee meetings is where the public is invited to share their thoughts on proposals.