By: Zach | May 04, 2017

With global climate change impacting our weather systems we all need to take proactive steps to protect our property. 

    Taking opportunity when the rain slows, residents are encouraged to make sure two simple things are addressed to prevent property damage. 

    Our public storm drains are an essential part of our storm water management system. They, along with our curbs, direct rain runoff into the storm sewers and into our streams and rivers and away from your homes. But they only work when they are clear and free of debris. 

Clogged Street Drain

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By: Zach | April 17, 2017

Press Release

For Immediate Release

March 17, 2017



Media Contact:

Zach Adamson – Vice President, City County Council

Councilor, District 17



Cops Versus Kids In Basketball Playoff

Inner city kids interact with police in friendly competition for a good cause.


INDIANAPOLIS – Local community activist has arranged for a friendly game of basketball between inner city kids from District 17 and IMPD officers, as a fundraiser for a Youth Gaming Center.


Jomo Cole, the event organizer said, "Young people need positive interactions with the police. They also need a place where they can be involved in positive activities. This event allows for both, all while raisi...

By: Zach | April 02, 2017

Attention Community Leaders and Concerned Residents
Your action is needed NOW!

There is currently a bill moving through the Indiana Senate, most likely being fed to the legislature by lobby groups who protect slumlords and scofflaw landlords, to prohibit cities from enforcing nuisance ordinances that are based on police runs to properties. 

Below is a message from State Representative Justin Moed:


    The hearing is set for this Monday, April at 10:30 am in room 156 D of the Indiana State House.  I will be there to speak out about our concerns as will the prosecutor for the City of Indianapolis.  If you are able to attend, your presence would be greatly helpful.  If you are willing to spe...