By: Zach | June 11, 2018

On Monday June 11, Vice President Adamson sent Governor Holcomb a letter, along with the signatures of over 100 residents, urging him to use his voice to create a lasting legacy in our Capital City.

Holcomb Letter

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By: Zach | June 08, 2018

City Council Vice President and Mayor Joe Hogsett

Residents pack in for a standing room only, City County Council Department of Public Works Committee Hearing. On the agenda: A presentation by the ReThink I65/I70 group. 
City Council Vice President, and Chairman of the DPW Committee planed for the presentation to give the public at large, as well as the Indiana Dept of Transportation, the opportunity to see first hand the damage that will be done if the upcoming fix on the North Split is not done correctly, and avoiding the mistakes made by previous interstate projects. Mistakes that have cost the city and the state millions in lost property tax values, and lost quality of life for the communities living near by. 

At the end of the meeting, we learned the exciting news that Mayor H...

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