By: Zach | January 09, 2019

Over the years, working closely with neighborhoods throughout District 17, I'm told the number one issue that rises to the top of most communities is the need for good jobs.
In that effort, I’ve hosted job fairs and worked with local businesses on job postings, to try and connect job openings to folks who may be looking for work.

In that same line, I’m excited to announce an hiring event I’ve put together this month. 

Fed Ex has over 300 opening to fill. These jobs start at over $15/hr, have benefits, tuition reimbursement, and opportunities to advancement in a short time, and more.  

Fedex Hiring Event

What makes this different than a job fair is they will be hiring people on the spot. They’ll conduct the interviews, background checks, and do drug testing on the spot. And, they’ll be doing this in the Near Eastside to bring this hiring opportunity to the community that needs it most.  They do hire ex offenders, depending on the offense and/or how long ago the offense was committed. 

I hope you will  help me get the word out to your neighborhoods and encourage them to share with their circles.
Please share via email and on your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

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