By: Zach | June 11, 2018

On Monday June 11, Vice President Adamson sent Governor Holcomb a letter, along with the signatures of over 100 residents, urging him to use his voice to create a lasting legacy in our Capital City.

Holcomb Letter

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By: Zach | May 12, 2018

Community Project

People’s Planning Academy seeks applicants for $2,500 Thriving Neighborhood Challenge award
Application to receiving funding for neighborhood projects opens today


INDIANAPOLIS – Calling all community creators, imaginative implementers, and block builders: do you have an idea that will make your neighborhood a healthier, happier, and more resilient place to live? The People’s Planning Academy invites you to submit your idea for a chance to win $2,500 to make it happen!


Potential projects for the Thriving Neighborhood Challenge should be resident-led initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life in your neighborhood.


Applications are open for the Thriving Neighborhood Challenge beginning today. Selected teams will ...

By: Zach | March 17, 2018

Residents of Indianapolis have noticed several changes with our interactions with the CSX lines. Among these changes are an increase of train traffic. Much longer trains. And, most frustrating, long trains actually stopping for long periods of time across major thoroughfares. Reported stoppages have come in at 2, 3 and even 6 hours parked over a street blocking traffic. 
While many of these changes spell windfall revenue growth for CSX, they're also creating a nightmare for Indianapolis residents who just want to get to work, home, or to pick up their kids at school. 
These things are impacting Indianapolis at a greater rate than most other cities for 2 reasons. 
First, we just have a higher than average number of rail lines com...

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By: Zach | April 02, 2017

Attention Community Leaders and Concerned Residents
Your action is needed NOW!

There is currently a bill moving through the Indiana Senate, most likely being fed to the legislature by lobby groups who protect slumlords and scofflaw landlords, to prohibit cities from enforcing nuisance ordinances that are based on police runs to properties. 

Below is a message from State Representative Justin Moed:


    The hearing is set for this Monday, April at 10:30 am in room 156 D of the Indiana State House.  I will be there to speak out about our concerns as will the prosecutor for the City of Indianapolis.  If you are able to attend, your presence would be greatly helpful.  If you are willing to spe...